Tap de Cortí Paprika


Tap de Cortí Especias Crespí ECO 80gr

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Tap de cortí is a sweet, natural and organic paprika that is grown and produced exclusively in Mallorca. The family business Especias Crespí is dedicated to the selection, analysis, certification and planting of this paprika, which is characterized by its orange color and unique flavor. Especias Crespí only works with organic farms, which guarantees that cultivation and production are 100% organic.

Tap de cortí is an essential ingredient for many chefs on the islands. It has antioxidant properties and a high vitamin C content thanks to the seeds of the peppers.

Tap de cortí is a local product from Mallorca, which is grown and produced on the island, making it a km0 product. Furthermore, being an ecological product, you contribute to the sustainability of the environment and local commerce.



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