T’Estim Infusions


T’Estim Infusions, teas and infusions grown and produced in Mallorca with social and environmental value.

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T’Estim Infusions, a high quality product made in Mallorca. With any of their varieties you will be able to enjoy your moment, as they themselves say “our moment”. That little time to disconnect from our routine and obligations, and dedicate ourselves to self-care, so necessary.

T’Estim, which means “I love you”, is a project born with the mission to raise awareness, through tea and organic infusions, of the importance of loving and caring for our mental wellbeing and thus end all the stigmas surrounding mental health.

Our selection:

  • Donate/Woman: 40% Sage, 15% Lemon verbena, 30% Fennel, 10% Melissa, 5% Calendula, 12 pyramids x 2 grams, 24g total.
  • Digestive: 1% Chamomile, 19% Fennel, 20% Lemon verbena, 18% Peppermint, 18% Rosemary, 15% Calendula, 12 pyramids x 2 grams, 24g total.
  • Bon respir/ Breathe well: 36% Thyme, 21% Rosemary, 14% Peppermint, 14% Plantain, 14% Mullein, 12 pyramids x 2 grams, 24g total.
  • Mentíssima: 50% Mint, 50% Peppermint, 12 pyramids x 1.5 grams, 18g total.
  • Relax: 15% Chamomile, 15% Lemon verbena, 31% Orange leaves, 38% Melissa, 12 pyramids x 2 grams, 24g total.


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