Founded in 1945 by the Crespí family, Especias Crespí is a company that has left a lasting mark on the culinary tradition of the Balearic Islands. Their motto, “The story of our paprika is the story of our family,” reflects their commitment to quality and authenticity.

Logo Especias Crespí

The Beginnings

The Crespí family, made up of farmers, growers and processors of the most exquisite spices of local gastronomy, began their activity touring the towns of Mallorca. Their specialty was the sale of paprika and spices for the preparation of sobrasada, a traditional Balearic sausage. Over four generations, they have inherited and preserved these traditions, also becoming global spice traders.

Mallorcan Paprika

One of the star products of Especias Crespí is “tap de corti”, a type of Mallorcan paprika. This paprika has unique organoleptic properties, such as higher amounts of vitamin C and sugars. It is an essential ingredient in sobrasada and other typical dishes of the region.

Commitment to Quality

The mission of Especias Crespí is to deal exclusively with products of the highest quality and freshness. They are demanding and rigorous to guarantee the best selection for their clients.

In short, Especias Crespí is not just a spice company; It is a story of passion, tradition and excellence that has transcended generations. His legacy continues to spice up the lives of those who appreciate the authenticity and flavor of Mallorca.

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