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In the heart of Mallorca, where the mountains meet the sky, a brand emerges that combines art, love for nature and commitment to sustainability: MoltaMuntanya. This local company, supplier of SaMadona.com, has earned a place in the hearts of Mallorcans and visitors alike, thanks to its hand-screened t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Molta Muntanya is not just a brand, it is a philosophy of life. As they themselves say: “We don’t stop climbing mountains because we get old, we get old because we stop climbing mountains.”. This love for nature is reflected in each of their designs, inspired by the beauty of Mallorca.

Artisanal screen printing

Handmade screen printing is a printing technique that allows you to print a design on different surfaces through the use of ink and a mesh. In this process, the operator carries out the entire process, from taking the corresponding mesh with the design to applying the corresponding ink and applying pressure. This is the technique used by MoltaMuntaya to reproduce its designs without losing quality despite the repetitions of the print.

Molta Muntanya and its commitment to the environment

Each MoltaMuntanya piece is a work of art in itself, hand-stamped to guarantee the highest quality. But what really sets MoltaMuntanya apart is its commitment to the environment. Their dyes are made with a water base, free of petroleum and PVC, and they are committed to organic cotton and sustainable production.

When buying at Sa Madona de Ca’n Xinet, you are not only purchasing a MoltaMuntanya product, you are taking a piece of Mallorca home. Whether you are looking for gifts from Mallorca or want to add a Mallorcan touch to your wardrobe, MoltaMuntanya and SaMadona.com offer you the opportunity to always carry the island with you.

Discover the wide range of MoltaMuntanya products that we offer in our store. T-shirts and sweatshirts that capture the essence of the island, there is something for everyone. And remember, every purchase supports local producers and contributes to the sustainability of our beloved Mallorca.

Molta Muntaya in our store

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