If I had to say which is the product that best represents Majorcan cuisine, without a doubt, I would say Tap de Cortí.

lot raiguer
Lot Raiguer

This pepper recovered a few years ago was mainly cultivated in Pòrtol (my town) Santa Maria del Camí and Llucmajor. They painted the facades of the houses red and filled the streets with an aroma between sweet and sour.

tap de cortí
Ecological tap de cortí.

I remember seeing the godfathers stringing the peppers that would later hang in our house. He guessed that this memory helped that about 14 years ago when I heard that they had recovered it and started talking about organic farming and slow food, I was interested and wanted to know more about this world.

But let’s go to what interests us today, the tap de cortí.

Indigenous variety of sweet pepper, which the l’Arxiduc already mentioned in his writings. It owes its name to its resemblance to the cap of a bottle, rich in vitamin C, with which the great nostrada sobrasada is preserved, and dishes as typical as soups or snails are seasoned.

This mill in the photo, which circulates so much on the internet, was mine for a season. It is in Portol, and I will always have a special appreciation for it.

If you pass by, look at the facades, you can still find the nails where they were hung.

Mill, Pòrtol.

By the way! now that we are almost at Christmas… which dishes do you think are the most traditional?? Leave ideas in the comments.

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