Sobrasada from Mallorca, with its Protected Designation of Origin (DOP), is distinguished by its meticulous and traditional preparation, using exclusively Mallorcan black pork. This pig, native to the island, is the key behind sobrasada’s unique characteristics, offering a flavor and texture that is unmatched by any other variety of pork.

Sobrasada, in its most primitive form, emerged as an ingenious solution to preserve pork after slaughter, which traditionally took place in the coldest months of the year. The ancient inhabitants of Mallorca took advantage of the climatic conditions and local resources to create a preservation method that allowed pork to be enjoyed all year round. This method consisted of chopping or grinding the pork, mixing it with paprika, salt, and other seasonings, and then stuffing it into casings for curing.

But what makes Mallorcan sobrasada so special? The answer lies in its simplicity and the mastery of its preparation. Made with basic but highest quality ingredients, the process requires slow curing and detailed care in each batch, ensuring that the final product not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of the most demanding palates.

The incorporation of paprika is a clear example of how cultural and commercial exchanges have influenced the gastronomy of Mallorca. Paprika, brought to Spain from America in the 16th century, not only contributed to the preservation of meat but also gave sobrasada its characteristic red color and part of its distinctive flavor.

How to identify the authentic sobrasada from Mallorca?

The authenticity of Mallorcan sobrasada can be easily identified through its distinctive markings and unique designs on the packaging. For those unfamiliar with this delicacy, looking for those seals guarantees the experience of trying the only and authentic sobrasada from Mallorca, a sensory experience that immediately distinguishes this product for its incomparable flavor and aroma.

How to eat Mallorca sobrasada?

From a simple appetizer to an innovative ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes, Mallorcan sobrasada proves to be a versatile flavor enhancer. The combination of sobrasada with honey or even dark chocolate, although it may surprise, results in an exquisite mixture that perfectly balances sweet and salty.

Come to Sa Madona where we help you discover the gastronomic traditions of Mallorca, to explore and experiment with sobrasada in your kitchen.

Let yourself be seduced by the authentic sobrasada from Mallorca, a product that transcends borders and promises to delight your senses with every bite.

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