Autumn should be a cold season, with brown leaves, with rainy days and short days… Well that was, autumn! I remember putting the rosaries on my godchildren and friends with my feet on the brazier, or with a jacket on and this year, this year I went to collect them in short sleeves… And we will be such animals to continue doing good to the earth that gives us food The orange trees flower early, the potatoes don’t survive this eternal summer, but almanco, almanco, they survived and we were able to make this recipe.

The pumpkin , star product of the season and known all over the world, simple, economical and very versatile.

We prepared it remembering a recipe I saw in Toni Ballador , our dear presenter of Uep! how are we doing and that he cooked it at the Tupper Club with Santi Taura

Pumpkin with leeks is a typical dish of Sa Pobla and following in the footsteps of these two masters this is our recipe:

preparing pumpkin with leeks

For 4 people:

It’s a very simple recipe, and if you follow the steps you’re sure to enjoy it a lot.

If the pumpkin is long, the better, since the top part does not have pits and is more difficult to cut into cubes.

Let’s start!

Cut the chulla by removing the part of the horn and make cubes of about two centimeters, add about 3 or 4 tablespoons of oil to the pan and when it is hot, fry the chulla and sprinkle with salt, when it is almost golden add the cubed pumpkin and let it fry for a few minutes.

In the meantime, cut the leeks into small cubes of a centimeter or so, and leave ready the sausages, also cut into small cubes.

Plated pumpkin with leeks

When the pumpkin is half fried, add the leeks and leave them until they become transparent. Think of stirring as we don’t want it to stick and adding salt and pepper when we add the ingredients so we don’t have to correct them at the end.

Having these 3 ingredients cooked, it’s time for the sausage. We will add it and let it cook for about two minutes together with the other ingredients.

By this time, the dish is ready and the rest of the audience is salivating because the aromas that give off are brutal.

Serve hot and with a good piece of brown bread, which will surely make guests drool!

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