Jam is a traditional preserve that has been evolving since Roman times. In the 1st century AD there are already writings that mention recipes that we can associate with current jam.

jam jars

The recipe for a good Mallorcan jam is simple: the well-chopped fruit without skin is cooked in water and with more than 60% sugar. The proportion of fruit and sugar varies depending on the type of fruit, according to its natural sweetness and state of ripeness, and, above all, the taste of our godmother… This is how it is: the best recipes are from our godmothers< /em> .

You cannot make jam from all fruits, since it is important that they contain pectin. Although there are fruits, such as apples or citrus, that can make jam on their own; others, like blackberries, need an additional addition of pectin in the form of lemon juice or some apple.

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