Making the lots of Mallorcan products came out of necessity, Andreu and I wanted to get married, and we decided to give Mallorcan gifts to all our guests, but we were faced with the problem that we couldn’t buy real Mallorcan products easily.

Andreu and Maria Antònia
Andreu and Maria Antònia, opening party summer 2022

It was incredible how many Mallorcan products were actually fake, not only was the product not from Mallorca, but sometimes they weren’t even made in Mallorca.

Batch Mallorca with jam, oil and almonds

It meant a job of searching for local artisans and producers, we won’t find any store where we can find everything together and pay a fair price, since some had it as special products and raised the prices wildly.

That’s why after a while, and the need to reconcile, I thought of making packs for the teachers, for Christmas, or a welcome for the people who visit our island.

Little by little, this feeling of Mallorcanness has spread to other forms, such as the experiences or meetings that we are gradually offering, making known the authentic Mallorca, our essence as a community.

On the website you can see the lots that we have available to send everywhere, the Balearic Islands, the Mainland, or Europe. But if you want a batch or a product in particular for your wedding, your guests, or for your customers, you can now also come and see me in my showroom.

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Photo of Sa Madona at Christmas

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